Monday, December 22, 2008

Unlocking of Map

Unlock Map



  • In gmap.zip you have downloaded, contains two files, namely: gmapprom.img and gmapsupp.img. That needs to be unlocked only gmapprom.img file. 
  • Copy files gmapprom.img and gmapsupp.img to E: Garmin on your phone MMC.
  • Record ID Garmin unit back in your cell phone.
  • Write unit ID in Garmin keygen.
  • On the down position Garmin keygen, select ‘select Folder Product’.
  • Select “custom mapset ‘.
  • Content Map ID with code 2048, press OK.
  • Spoiler for select mapset and enter the map ID.
  • Press the button Generate to-2 in the down position.
  • Copy the generated code into notepad and save with gmapprom.unl name, and copy it to E: Garmin in MMC mobile (do like the file sw.unl).
  • Spoiler for unlock code folder.
  • Restart the phone and open Garmin.

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