Monday, December 22, 2008

Unlocking of Garmin

Garmin Unlock



  • Open the Garmin on the phone, go to Settings – About.
  • Record the Garmin unit ID on your phone.
  • Spoiler for ID Unit Garmin (different).
  • Open garmin_kgen.exe on your new PC you download.
  • Write unit ID in the box above blank and press the Generate button above.
  • Spoiler for Garmin Unlock Generator.
  • Copy the generated code in notepad save it with name sw.unl (select all) 
  • copy sw.unl to E: Garmin in MMC mobile.
  • Spoiler for sw.unl files that you create.
  • Now that you install the Garmin was able to detect the components of built-in GPS in mobile phones. 
  • Go to Settings menu – System.
  • Select the Remote GPS.
  • Switch mode GPS to ‘enabled’.
  • Spoiler for Remote GPS settings.

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