Monday, December 22, 2008

Application install in Samsung.

Installing Java File in Samsung Java Enabled Phone:

Installation procedure for application/software/game. in SAMSUNG Corby (GT-B5310).

1. Create a new text document(on desktop right click > new > text document)

2. In that paste this

<html><body><a href="_______">install _______</a></body></html>

Write your application/software/game name in the space provided.

for example
<html><body><a href="operamini.jar">install operamini.jar</a></body></html>
#Here operamini.jar is name of the application/software/game that is going to get installed.

Remember that the name of the application/software/games should be same with that u write here.

If your .JAR file name is operamini.jar then in the space provided you should type operamini.jar

3. Now rename that file to abc.html and copy both the files (''abc.html'' and the file you want to install) to a folder via Cable to the phone.

4. open abc.html in ur phone and the file you want to install is installed

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