Monday, December 22, 2008

Make Opera Mini CoExists Or Any Apps

Tutorial To Make Opera Mini Coexists Or Any Apps


1. Unpack Official Opera Mini using smart sis.

2. Use X-plore go to folder smart sis & edit/rename file Opera Mini_reg.rsc, Opera Mini.mif...etc, Exp: I want change Opera Mini to Opera Mini2.

3.Open smart sis click Option > Tools > Authority operations then search OperaMini2.exe choose change uid .Original UID Opera Mini 0x2002EE59 & for exp I want change to 0x2002EE50 .click left/OK & now click options again choose check rsc search OperaMini2_reg.rsc to insert same uid.

4. Now open Zntxhan click start > *.exe [Uncompressed] & search file OperaMini2.exe then uncompressed by click center pad..wait just a moment .After uncompressed name OperaMini2.exe change automatically to OperaMini2_unpack.exe.

5. Don't close Zntxhan, click start again List way > Search folder smart sis where app opera mini unpacked then change/rename all Opera Mini to OperaMini2 in folder private,resource & sys
- private/10003a3f/import/apps/Opera Mini_reg.rsc > click center > change name list way Opera Mini to OperaMini2 then \resource\apps\Opera Mini change to OperaMini2 all of them in folder smart sis where opera mini unpacked
. - for OperaMini2_unpack.exe just rename/change !\system\apps\OperaMini\fonts & !\system\apps\OperaMini to OperaMini2.

6. After process rename/change list way already done now open x-plore & delete extension .bak in folder smart sis where opera mini unpacked. Now go to file OperaMini2_unpack.exe then press menu > file > edit > menu > search hex  & write to find hex 59ee0220 klik ok change 59 to 50 (new uid tut no.3) .click back to save and now in OperaMini2_unpack.exe press menu > file > edit > menu > find chars & write to find chars OpP. exp: I want change OpP to OxP save.

7. And now open zntxhan press start > *.exe Un[Compress] search OperaMini2_unpack.exe click center..wait just a moment for process pack already done.

8. Finally, Use X-plore rename OperaMini2_unpack_pack.exe to OperaMini2.exe, OpPlatFunc.dll to OxPlatFunc.dll & OpAlloc_20032E70.dll to OxAlloc_20032E70.dll

9. Pack again using smart sis.

10. Done & try to install..


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