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Beyblade G revolution

Beyblade G revolution

It is the third and final season of the Original anime series of Beyblade.
After Tyson became the 2-time world champion, Max, Ray and Kai leave the team so that they have a chance to beat Tyson and become the world champion themselves (Kai leaves later after already winning a spot on the team). This leaves only Tyson and Kenny in the team, but a new character, Daichi Sumeragi, joins them.
The BBA tournament rules are changed to a round robin system, with each team having 2 players per match with up to 2 reserve players. There are six teams at the beginning. Five tournaments are held one after the other in five different countries around the world: the United States, Italy, Spain, Egypt and Australia, each consisting of three matches. The matches can either have two rounds with a blader from each team plus a third round with the two winners if a tie occurs, or a single 2-on-2 battle. After these five tournaments are held, the three teams with the most losses are eliminated and the next two teams battle to determine who will battle in the finals against the team with the most wins. The final matches work in the same way.


Boris, the secondary villain from the first season, returns and creates the new Beyblade Entertainment Global Association, or BEGA , replacing the BBA. The BBA headquarters are bulldozed and elsewhere, the new BEGA headquarters
is revealed. Boris tries to fool Tyson and co. into believing he has made up for his past, as he is apparently trying to help the future of bladers around the world, while he is actually trying to gain control over all bladers and beyblading activity. After a while however, they see what Boris is trying to pull. The Blitzkrieg Boys try their hand at taking down Boris' bladers, but they fail, as one of his strongest bladers, Garland Siebald, damages their blades beyond repair and badly injures their team captain Tala Volkov to the point where he is brought to the hospital. Tyson challenges BEGA's best to a battle, and Boris decides to hold a 5-on-5 tournament in one month's time.
Tyson and Ray decide to have a beybattle on their own, as Ray was the only one who didn't get to face Tyson properly in the World Championship tournament. The battle is intense, but Tyson eventually wins by a narrow margin. However, their blades are trashed and in no condition to be used in the tournament. Even worse, BEGA has now taken control of all the Beyblade shops around, so they can't repair or rebuild their blades. Luckily, the All Starz, F-Dynasty, White Tigers and Barthez Battalion show up to help and give Kenny a bunch of brand new parts. Kenny makes new beyblades for Tyson, Daichi, Max, Ray, and Kai. However, Kai had decided to join BEGA to once again try to beat Tyson.
At the time of the tournament, Tyson still hasn't decided who should fill in for Kai, and they decide to wait for him, as nobody else is capable of controlling the new Hard Metal System beyblades. Eventually, Kai, after losing a match to BEGA's stronger blader, Brooklyn, joins Tyson team. And so a new team is born; The G-Revolutions.
The battle starts off poorly. Daichi loses against his opponent, Ray also ends up losing due a bit of rotten luck. Max manages to tie with his opponent, which actually pleased Boris (before Max's match, Boris states that if his team swept the match people might think that he was cheating). Kai has rematch against Brooklyn, and barely manages to beat. It is heavily implied in the Japanese version that the battle cost Kai his life. After this Tyson defeats Garland. Boris was then caught in tight situation, not seeing which of bladers could beat Tyson, but after Brooklyn learns to channel his power into his blade, he's sent back out. Tyson however, after being put through a life threatening battle in the skies and an alternate dimension of Brooklyn's making, defeats Brooklyn. People start to gain interest in beyblading as Boris is deserted and ignored. Hiro leaves the scene to help restablish the BBA.

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