Monday, December 22, 2008

Renaming Java Applications

Renaming Java Applications Method:

Installing same application of both different version for eg - opera3.1 and opera4.2

A zip file extraction program required
to open/extract/archive Zip files. Jar files are simply zip files with the Jar extension.


With the program, extract or open the Jar file

of your choice. Now inside the Jar file should be a folder called meta-inf. Inside this folder is a file named manifest.mf.

Now open the manifest file and locate the line that begins with
Simply edit the name listed in the manifest file, save it and overwrite the old manfest file located in the Jar file. If you extracted the file, simply archive the file back up using Zip compression, rename the .zip extension to .jar and transfer/download it to your phone.

So for example, you can download Opera Mini 3.1 and change the name listed to
MIDlet-Name: Opera Mini 3.1
And it will install as Opera Mini 3.1 and not as Opera Mini which, in most cases, should be a separate install.

Final Note:

this methods and application works on java eanbled phones only.

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