Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Making Multi-App Using Your Own Mobile

Making Multi-App : 3 application marge into one
More JAVA Tricks


1. Multi Midlet app, download here: jar

2. Two or more app that will be merged (jar/zip), ie: Opera and Bolt.

3. Image for icon in *.png format(image require for logo if you want to add its optional).


1. Since i'm using Sony Ericsson, we must rename apps from *.jar to *.zip

2. Open your MultiMidlet

3. Browse and locate your jar/zip that will be merged

4. Highlight your jar/zip, choose: Options> Added to List (for adding a file to list one by one). Or Options> Add All (for adding all files in current folder to list)

5. Press: View List, to see list of added file

6. Choose: Options> Select All, to select all files will be merged from list or u can select one by one using your "center-joystick"

7. Start merge selected files using: Options> Start Merge. Customize its icon name, saving location, app name etc. Start merge files and wait till process finished.

8. To check if it has an error/ no while in building process, choose: Options> View Results

9. Close MultiMidlet. Find your builded multi-app in destination folder where you saved it, install n enjoy your new multi-app.

  •  Do not minimize MultiMidlet app during process it may be higher chance of crash.Better not to minimize and dont let turn off your mobile phone lights.
  • this process is only for java phone only.

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